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EPIC-C now offers consultant services.  We have solutions to kinked, twisted,
looped or bunched cables.  Answers for standard cables versus robotic or
continuous flex; ease of installation - the right way; why track clicks when it is
bent; how to keep your rack from flipping its lid.  We have solutions for these and
many other areas - our consultant services are reasonable and worth your time.

Stainless Steel Cable Trays For Infrastructure & Process Equipment

Siltec stainless steel cable routing systems were developed for functionality, simplicity and accessibility and to enable heat dissipation and thorough cleaning.

  • The cable trays are supplied in lengths of 9 feet 10 inches.
  • The width varies from 3/16 inch to 2 feet.
  • All cable trays are made from round materials that are gentle to tubes and cables.
  • All dimensions are inside dimensions
  • Installation of SILTEC cable routing systems requires a minimum of tools.
  • It is extremely easy to make curves and angles without using special tools, and can be made onsite using standard cable trays.
Process Tubing
Process Tubing

Stainless Steel Cable Trays

Engineered for the Highest Hygienic Standards In Cable Management.


All Wiring Applications: Power, Motors & Drives, Control, Data & Ethernet, Sensor Cables.

Trays may be used for Electrical Cables, Tubing for Fluid and Pneumatic Applications

SILTEC Stainless Steel Cable Trays can be Reused and Reconfigured

GREEN Technology

Siltec Heavy Duty Cable Trays
Siltec Heavy Duty Cable Trays

SILTEC Stainless Steel Cable trays are being used in the brewing industry

Customer Transmission Brewing, Ventura, CA
Customer Transmission Brewing, Ventura, CA
Customer Transmission Brewing, Ventura, CA
Customer Transmission Brewing, Ventura, CA
Customer Premier Stainless Systems, LLC, Escondido, CA
Customer Premier Stainless Systems, LLC, Escondido, CA

EPIC-C Can Provide Additional Services Regarding Trays and Cables

  • Help with layout and sizing of trays and cables.
  • Supply trays and cables quickly.
  • Expert consultation onsite for proper installation.

Contact EPIC-C for all cable needs.

Great Product:

EMKA The handling of the Agent E Wireless Handles has been simplified and
made more intuitive. In addition, energy consumption was further reduced.
Waking up of the wireless handles is now via push button in the handle instead of
touching the lock surface. For a complete listing of new products, go to

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