About Us

EPIC-C is a company founded on learning our products and paying them forward to our customers.  We work with customers to keep them competitive into tomorrow's markets.

Founded in 2003 based on experiences of more than 40 years of engineered industrial designs from Electro Mechanical Power Transmission products to Integrated Programmable Logic Controllers, Computers to robotics integration.


EPIC-C has customers in every industry
imaginable with applications in every letter of
the alphabet.  EPIC-C is committed to new
companies and product innovations for the
Based in Sacramento, California, EPIC-C is
in the prime location to service hundreds of
firms, in a variety of industries.  Our
representatives are factory trained.  We visit
our manufacturers at their primary factory
locations.  This allows EPIC-C the full
advantage of factory training experiences.
We pride ourselves on our superior
effectiveness at trade shows, showcasing our
complementary lines of products in a costeffective
manner, while keeping up with the
latest industry developments and trends.  This
training allows us the insight to offer superior
design-ins that keep your competition away.
We provide your company with superior
service and will represent your company like
it is our own.