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NEW from Our Vendors!

  • WERMA – “WIN” Wireless Information Network in with SMART Monitor, ANDON SPEED, ANDON LIGHT. Simple Machine Monitoring with WIN
  • SILTEC - 3-D model files via password.
  • SILTEC - How to load cables into cable tray with lock
  • SILTEC - How to make a bend with a wire mesh cable tray
  • EMKA - BLUE Hygienic Gasketing for Enclosures.
  • TKD Kaweflex - Cables for Tray and Stationary applications.
  • ARGENT - Custom engineered Die-Cut solutions and a wide variety of custom adhesives.

  • Hot Product: WERMA WIN Systems for process Optimization for Production Assembly lines, logistics and distribution systems

  • Hot Product: EMKA Quarter turns and compression latches for hygenic areas Hygienic with Blue sealing ring. Three piece SNAP together Latches and Locks. Save 80% on installation time!

  •   Electronics:
        -LED Visual
        -Electronic Locks
        -Data Cable
        -Wire and Cable
        -Audio + Voice
        Buzzers, Alarms,
        Sirens + Horns

        -Motor Drive
        -Cable Drag

        -Hardware for
        -¼ Turn Latches
        -Locks, Rods
         + Guides
        -Swing Handles
        -Std. + Friction

        -A/V Signaling
        -Systems for
         in Production Assy.
         and Logistics
        -Heavy duty
        cable trays
        -Locking trays

        -Continuous Flex
         Robotic Cable
        -VFD Composite
         Hookup Wire
        -Torsional Cable
        -Data/Bus Comm.

    Electronics, Power, Industrial, Controls and Cable
    3230 Arena Blvd. Ste 245-107
    Sacramento, CA 95834-3004
    Phone and messages 1-916-803-2700
    Office 1-916-359-2701
    San Diego 1-858-322-3767
    E-mail: wdcook@epic-c.com