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EPIC-C is your source for Electronic components, Power transmission equipment, Industrial hardware, Controls and Cable. We have over 35 years of industrial sales and service experience in California and Nevada. Based in Sacramento, California, EPIC-C is in the prime location to service hundreds of firms, in a variety of industries.

Our representatives are factory trained. We always visit the manufacturers of our products and take full advantage of factory training experiences. We pride ourselves on our superior effectiveness at trade shows, showcasing our complementary lines of products in a cost-effective manner, while keeping up with the latest industry developments and trends. This training allows us the insight to offer superior design-ins that keep your competition away. We are dedicated to providing your company with superior service; we represent your company like it is our own.

Some of our Customers - Represented Manufacturers

    -LED Visual
    -Electronic Locks
    -Data Cable
    -Wire and Cable
    -Audio + Voice
    Buzzers, Alarms,
    Sirens + Horns

    -Motor Drive
    -Cable Drag

    -Hardware for
    -¼ Turn Latches
    -Locks, Rods
     + Guides
    -Swing Handles
    -Std. + Friction

    -A/V Signaling
    -Systems for
     in Production Assy.
     and Logistics
    -Heavy duty
    cable trays
    -Locking trays

    -Continuous Flex
     Robotic Cable
    -VFD Composite
     Hookup Wire
    -Torsional Cable
    -Data/Bus Comm.

Electronics, Power, Industrial, Controls and Cable
3230 Arena Blvd. Ste 245-107
Sacramento, CA 95834-3004
Phone and messages 1-916-803-2700
Office 1-916-359-2701
San Diego 1-858-322-3767
E-mail: wdcook@epic-c.com